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Utilization Focused Evaluation and Research Communication – what exactly is the combo in DECI?

We have spent about a week at the OCSDNet Conference in Limassol, Cyprus (June 1st to 5th, 2017) sharing and learning from the program’s experience and results in Utilization Focussed Evaluation and Research Communication (U-FE and ResCom). The week before (May 29th to 30th), I had prepared training materials on U-FE and ResCom for a group of AFRINIC grantees for workshop in Nairobi, Kenya. The content exchanged in the two events have made me ponder on the exact nature of the DECI project package as a project management system. Especially if we need to present what the package should be for a possible DECI-3 (next phase to the current Phase 2).

I now realize that the exact definition should not be an issue. It is the aspiration towards being open (ResComm) about project results that matter (U-FE) that is more important than an exact identity of the DECI approach. We (or it) may actually never even end up in an exact term or phrase. Political interests, varied capacities and proprietary positions (by institutions and groups) will always present boundaries to openness and concurrence of results. The combo’s successful application will never be quite 100%. The guiding name or phrase could, therefore, be Open (or Communicated) Evaluation, with the understanding that their application will be a constant objective rather than a final goal.

It could be argued that this is not different from similar initiatives that support participatory socio-economic development, e.g. participatory action research, community-based participatory research, or even participatory evaluation, etc. However, the combo in DECI is unique because the participation (and collaboration) is geared towards results that are actually used (U-FE) through a carefully prepared communication system that enhances ownership and contribution by project actors who have or need the information (ResCom). The success of the hybrid in DECI system is based on the extent to which the analyses lead to observable use of lessons rather than just a generation of recommendations.

The method will have ‘positives’ found in the other participatory methods (such as local ownership, increased potential for use, interest and progression towards desired outcomes and impacts). However, it will also have similar challenges, such as contextual differences or varied interpretation of objectives (what exact end goals?), power imbalances (the politics of ownership and control), and enabling capacity (knowledge, funds, technology). This means that there will always a risk of struggle to agree on ‘target goals’ because of varied user interests. And there will always be challenges in communication systems that support wholesome ownership, sharing and contribution. These advantages and challenges give room for a continued exploration of the DECI combo as a research of case studies (individual or meta-analysed) to show how each develops and ends, and the lessons this research generates for past, current and future projects, institutions, and networks.


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    Some of us think hоlding оn makеs us strоng, but somеtimеs it is lеtting go.
    But what I’vе discoverеd over time is that sоmе of thе wisеst pеoрle I knоw hаve alsо bеen sоmе оf thе most brоkеn pеоple.
    Don’t wаste yоur time with exрlanations, peoplе only hеаr whаt theу wаnt tо hеar.
    To mаke difficult decisiоns wisely, it helрs tо hаve a sуstematic рrоcess for assеssing еаch chоicе аnd its cоnsequеnces – thе potentiаl impact on еаch aspect оf your lifе.
    Each of us experiences defеats in life. Wе can transform dеfeat intо victorу if we lеаrn from lifе’s whuрpings.

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