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What We Do



Proposal Writing and Research

Programs and projects use money to implement their interventions. These interventions range from research (system appraisals), development (provision of services and facilities) to policy reform.


Baseline Studies and Situational Analyses

Projects are required to establish the status quo of a context before they implement their interventions. Such initial studies are referred to as baseline studies.


Value Chain Analysis and Market Studies

Many interventions are directed towards economic investment by actors in various value chains. Value chain (VC) analysis is a detailed exploration of the nature of products flow from raw materials,

Monitoring and Evaluation


Outcome Mapping

Project monitoring and evaluation many appear to be an easy and straight forward but success in developing effective systems processes and products depending on skill,


Project Evaluation and Outcome Harvesting

Evaluation is an assessment of a project’s achievements against set or expected targets. Project evaluation is a process that provided guidance on how best projects can carry out such assessments.


Learning Partner Services

For effective M&E application, it is best if organizations or projects developed or implemented their own customized internal processes. One-time trainings are effective but not satisfactorily completely successful.

Training and Forum Facilitation


Training and Forum Facilitation

People meet to engage and dialogue collectively in forums such as meetings, workshops, conferences, or just open market processes.